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When You Achieve Your Mission, is Your Business on Earth Finished?

While putting the finishing touches on my book layout this weekend, I began to think about this question. I do explore destiny vs. free will, but don't specifically explore the afterlife as it relates to your Mission.

We all have some type of Mission to fulfill. This leaves me with a question that can be asked in two ways:

  1. Does everyone get to achieve their Mission?
  2. When you achieve your Mission, is your business on Earth finished?

If we think about people we know personally that have passed on, I'm sure you can answer those questions quickly. There are people that pass on much earlier than we think they should have. Those folks may have made a mark on the world, but may not have achieved their Mission. On the flip-side, there are folks that have lived long lives, but also may not have achieved their Mission for a variety of reasons.

So, if someone lives their life and doesn't figure out how to express their Mission, does that mean their life didn't have any meaning? I doubt that it is that cut-and-dried. Even in the process of figuring out what to do, you come across some life lessons that can make a difference (for yourself and the Universe).

I don't have any brilliant answers for this one, but am curious about what others think of these questions.


Spiritual Themes in “Hot Tub Time Machine”

(FYI: I decided to do this without posting any spoilers. I can't guarantee that those that comment will abide by this.)

Hot Tub Time MachineThe hubby and I took in a movie this weekend. "Hot Tub Time Machine" was hilarious, which was to be expected. Of course, leave it to me to view the movie from a deeper perspective. I found some connections between the movie's themes and what I talk about in Driving to Success: Let Your Spirit Take the Wheel.

I won't give away too much in case you haven't seen it. The basic premise of the movie is about 4 guys who go out of town for a ski weekend in 2010 and magically get transported back to 1986. They argue about whether to act out the same events that happened when they were at this ski lodge in 1986 or to do things differently. It is always fun to think about what our lives would be like if we had a chance to do it all over again.

One of the characters, Nick Webber (played by Craig Robinson), used to be the lead singer in a band. While back in 1986, he realized how much he missed his short-lived musical career. Back in 2010, he had the pleasure of extracting inedible objects from pets - a far cry from his music. Another character, Lou (played by Rob Corddry), was the self-defined screw-up. He was always the one that everyone else had to bail out of self-destructive situations. Adam (played by John Cusack) was unhappy with his love life and began to think about "the one that got away". That leaves us with Jacob (played by Clark Duke), Adam's nephew, who hadn't even been born in 1986. He served as the time travel translator.

There were 3 spiritual takeaways in this movie:

  • When you look back on your life, you might find  hidden dreams that you want to realize now.
  • It often takes an unexpected, life-changing event to jolt you out of mediocrity.
  • Even when it feels like you've hit rock bottom, you can turn your luck (and your life) around.

"Hot Tub Time Machine" was a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon even if you weren't looking for any spiritual themes. Did anyone else see it? What did you think?


Interview on LadyPreneur International

I had a wonderful time talking with Monique Hunt (Dr. Nique), founder of Ladypreneur International last week. She was gracious enough to do a profile about me and my book, Driving to Success: Let Your Spirit Take the Wheel.

In my Next Top Spiritual Author book pitch, I mention a colleague who said that my book concept could take off like the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Dr. Nique is that colleague. She and I talked for a little over an hour. It went so quickly since the discussion was lively, on point, and in Spirit.

I encourage my readers to check out the Ladypreneur International Web site. You can join the site for free and network with other like-minded female entrepreneurs.

NOTE: I am not being compensated for this. I just support Dr. Nique's mission and her passion for bringing spiritually-conscious, female entrepreneurs together.


Countdown to E-Book Launch

Driving to Success Book Cover

E-book Launch on May 20, 2010

My book, Driving to Success: Let Your Spirit Take the Wheel will be published as an e-book on May 20, 2010 to coincide with Albuquerque's Car Care Month! To celebrate the launch, we have a lot of fun things going on.

  1. Every day from April 5, 2010 to May 20, 2010, I will be posting short quotes from my book or my other writings called SpiriTweets on both Twitter and Facebook. Feel free to Retweet or re-post.
  2. I am participating in the Next Top Spiritual Author Competition. You can read about and watch a video on me and my book. Of course you can also VOTE FOR ME!
  3. I want to hear from others who consider themselves Spirit Drivers. After reading about Driving to Success and watching my author video on the Next Top Spiritual Author site, come back to this post to declare yourself a Spirit Driver. All you have to do is post a comment below that answers the question: How did I let my Spirit drive today?
  4. I'll select 3 people that post the best responses to be interviewed for the e-book launch on May 20, 2010. (Psst, you'll even have the chance to promote yourself and your business, if you wish.)
  5. At 5:30p PDT / 8:30p EDT, we will be holding our monthly "Is Your Spirit Driving Your Business or Career?" Webinar and having a celebration of the book launch.

Sound like fun? Let's get started!