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Repacking Your Baggage

Recently, I had the opportunity to review some parts of my past and look at them from a different point of view. We all hold long-standing beliefs based on what we've experienced during childhood and young adulthood. If you are at the point of Shifting Your Perspective in the Drive. Align. Shift. Program, you have two choices. You can decide to unpack your baggage or you can decide to repack your baggage.

Depending on what you choose, there is a huge difference in the way you move forward in life.

  • Unpacking your baggage is a quick way of trying to resolve past issues. It involves getting rid of those memories, limiting beliefs, family, friends, and other factors that seem to be affecting your life now. Unfortunately, you're not resolving anything, just simply avoiding it.
  • Repacking your baggage takes more time and effort, but makes a larger difference. It involves opening up the baggage and checking out the contents. You can take out each item, unfold it, look at it, refold it, and place it in a better spot.

Let me give you a concrete example. When I was growing up, I always felt like the ugly duckling. No one would have ever known it because I exuded confidence on every level. I made people believe that I was secure in myself and didn't let anything hold me back. Even after I became an adult and began to feel better about my appearance, that ugly duckling mentality would rear its head at key times when I should have been feeling very confident. The funny thing is that I would start to feel that way even in situations that had nothing to do with outward appearance.

If I were unpacking my baggage, I would have decided to get rid of all the memories that reminded me of being an ugly duckling - the boys that didn't like me or the people that made fun of me. This is a great way to just clear out everything painful and not have to deal with it anymore. But, it's not healthy.

Instead, I could repack my baggage and look at the memories differently. I could even take it a step further and talk with those people who made me feel that way. I had the opportunity to do this recently and realized that people weren't trying to hurt me intentionally. They had a different point of view on the experience that had nothing to do with my appearance. Repacking my baggage required more work, more time, and made me more vulnerable in having to address these items. But in the end, it was an awesome way to shift my perspective and move forward in a more confident way.

So, are you holding on to baggage that isn't serving you well? Have you completely unpacked it? Or, are you ready to start the process of repacking?

If the baggage involves other people, can you contact them to get a different perspective on the situation? If not, can you meditate on that time period in order to see it differently? Yes, it will be a more intense emotional journey, but it will help you feel freer, lighter, and have an easier time with your current place in the Universe.


Lady Gaga – Just Being Herself

I enjoyed the interview with Lady Gaga on 60 Minutes. Always searching for spiritual messages in unlikely places, I found three areas from the interview that we can all apply to our lives.

  1. You've got to admire her over-the-topness. She turned her insecurities that she felt during her school years into an asset. Back then, she said that the kids made fun of her and she felt like she didn't fit in. Lady Gaga decided to take it to the other extreme by making herself stand out even more. Talk about using your Power Tool to reach success!
  2. It's also nice to hear someone talk about controlling how she appears to the others - specifically the media. Lady Gaga said that she's very open, which gives others the impression that she has nothing to hide. In reality, she is selecting what people know about her. We can all learn from this in our lives even if we aren't celebrities. Of course, there are certain parts of your life that do need to remain private. But, sharing more of your Personality makes you more real and allows more people to relate to you. No need to be shy.
  3. She seems to be having fun with her fame and sees the "game" in it. In a way she takes herself seriously and in other ways she doesn't take herself too seriously. After studying so many celebrities, she seems to understand what helped and hindered them in their success. Now, she's just having fun with the process. Remember, it's all about the journey and not getting caught up in the craziness of every situation.

What's your take on Lady Gaga's philosophy?


Everybody’s talking, but is anyone listening?

You may have been wondering why I haven't been communicating as much through my usual channels lately (Twitter, Facebook, blog, newsletter, etc.). Maybe it's the introspective feeling that seems to accompany the Winter season. Or maybe it's something deeper.

You'll remember last month that I did some rebranding of my message and my site. In January, I started promoting my new classes through my usual channels. Somehow, something just didn't feel quite right, yet. I began to get weary of what was becoming the usual grind of social media and other content updates. It led me to have a conversation with my husband/business partner about this whole marketing process. I boiled it down to the title of this post: "Everybody's talking, but is anyone listening?"

As a society we tend to get bombarded with information and don't ever get away from it. I am a techie and completely understand being connected to some device for a large part of my day. Unfortunately, I don't think we unwind enough.

I subscribe to only about 10 e-mail newsletters of interest to my work through Spirit Driving Institute and sometimes that feels like too much. I began to read these newsletters with a different point of view. How many blogs, radio shows, newsletters, marketing opportunities, etc. do we need? And if everyone is trying so hard to be seen, get known, and deliver their message, who's left to read it?

Also, each time I would come back to my blog last month to write something new, I encountered a bunch of comments waiting for my approval. They weren't real responses, mind you. Just spam messages from people trying to ride the traffic wave from my site so that they could get a linkback.

So, there I was thinking about all of this during the time when I usually send out my newsletter. I was in the midst of feeling like I was contributing to the information overload for folks. One word kept resonating with me - SIMPLIFY. It's a great word that can apply to so many areas of life and business.

While I don't have the perfect solution to this yet, I have made a vow to myself. Instead of writing for the sake of writing or promoting myself for the sake of promoting, I am only going to do it when I feel moved to do so. I refuse to promote things out of obligation or just because everyone else is doing it that way.

Instead, I'm just going to have fun and find different ways to get out there that feel right to me. If you don't see as much from me, don't worry, I haven't disappeared. I'm just taking a breather and re-energizing to share something meaningful.

Until the next time. :)