Spirit Driving Institute Leila Johnson – Transformation Teacher


Summer Update from Leila

Happy Summer! It has been a fruitful and transformative journey for me over the past several months.

My primary business, Data-Scribe, is going well. It only took me 8 years to get here. I just couldn't stand getting to 5 o'clock and realizing that I hadn't really "seen" my business partner/husband all day. I have FINALLY settled into a manageable pace doing work that I enjoy for wonderful clients. It's also given me a renewed work-life balance. It's amazing how shedding excess weight (clients, team members, projects, expenses, marketing ideas, etc.) makes you feel lighter and able to move forward with a more purposeful pace--what I'm always preaching anyway.

On a personal note, in March I decided to cut my dreadlocks. It's something that I had been planning to do for awhile. My Spirit Driving site still has my "old" pictures and I might just leave it like that since it represents where I started. You can see some recent photos of my new look in my Leila Johnson, Spiritual Author Facebook photos.

I started my locks 10 years ago as the beginning of a spiritual experience. It was at that time that I became more focused on wellness and natural living. It was also the same time that I took a leave of absence from my graduate school program where I was focused on Pharmacology. Somehow creating drugs just didn't seem to fit with my lifestyle anymore. Getting rid of the chemicals in my hair just seemed like a natural extension of this mindset.

Many of you know that I'm a foodie. I love dining out, cooking, and, of course, eating. I decided to take my healthy lifestyle to the next level. I've started keeping a food diary*, attending spin class, drinking more water, and creating new healthy recipes. It's amazing how much you learn about yourself by examining the food that you eat. Plus, it doesn't hurt that I've shed a few pounds and a few inches along the way.

Being an entrepreneur at heart, this healthy lifestyle has helped me to develop yet another business idea. More on that in the coming months. ;)

Life is good. Business is good. My Personality and Spirit are happy. It's a good place for me to be right now. I hope that you're all doing well also. If you're not, feel free to reach out for some training, consulting or coaching in the areas where you want to transform.

*As an aside, if you're interested in an easy way of keeping a food diary, check out, My Fitness Pal's Web site and smartphone app. Awesome!