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One-Year Anniversary of Driving to Success

I'm excited to say that today marks one year since Driving to Success: Let Your Spirit Take the Wheel was published! It's been a wonderful year. While I'm not making any best seller lists, I'm happy with the community I've created and the feedback I've received from those who have read the book. :)

Have you read Driving to Success? Do you know someone else who would like it? Well, you can still buy it online. It's almost time to think about presents for the holiday season and New Year's Resolutions. Driving to Success would give you (or your friends and family) a great jump start on both!

As a thank you, if you buy the book from my Web site, use coupon code 2011DTS to get 20% off. Hurry because this coupon expires on October 31, 2011.

Thanks to everyone for their support over this past year!


Honorary Spirit Drivers

If you've read my blog or follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you've probably noticed that I like finding spiritual messages in everyday places. Sometimes I'm watching a sitcom or reality show when someone's comment peaks my interest.

Earlier this year, I started designated certain celebrities and other public figures as honorary Spirit Drivers. These are people who have demonstrated the principles from my book, Driving to Success: Let Your Spirit Take the Wheel in their professional and personal lives.

So far, I have bestowed the Spirit Driver designation on the following individuals. They received a personal letter (an excerpt is included in the linked blog post) and an autographed copy of my book.

Since I let my Spirit guide me on when to make these Spirit Driver designations, I don't have a particular number that I'm giving out in a month or a year. Also, I don't take recommendations from others (sorry!). Instead, I just allow the messages to find me. Since the media often focuses on the crazy mishaps of celebrities and other public figures, I thought I would focus on putting some positive energy out there.

So, what exactly is a Spirit Driver? It is someone who meets many, if not all, of these criteria:

  • You're authentic to who you are instead of living someone else's dream.
  • You keep an eye on your GPS and enjoy the journey on the road of your professional life.
  • You understand that Money is just one of your possible Success Drivers.
  • You believe that you have a Destination (Mission) to reach through your professional life.
  • You regularly Turn on Your Signals to recognize your role in the Universe.
  • You shift Gears, when appropriate, based on the Signs you receive from the Universe.
  • You aren't afraid of making occasional U-Turns.

It's always a pleasant surprise to receive an acknowledgement, but that isn't the point of this exercise. It's just a fun way to reach out to others and let them know that their efforts aren't going unnoticed.

Also, please know that I'm not saying that these individuals are perfect. That isn't what being a Spirit Driver is about. Instead, it means that a significant event in their past or something about the way they live their lives now continues to meets the above criteria.

Are you interested in earning your designation as a Spirit Driver? Check out my book and my Drive. Align. Shift. courses. I will be scheduling some course dates for early November.


Leaving a (Little) Legacy – Inspired by Steve Jobs

With the passing of Steve Jobs this week, I felt compelled to write about the legacy he has left behind. After hearing about it yesterday I wondered if there has been any other individual or company who has directly, and often indirectly, affected so many lives in our generation. My first computer was an Apple IIc. Back in the 80's I wouldn't have recognized Steve Jobs' name, but already his vision had an effect on my life. It sparked my lifelong love of computers and all technology.

Obviously the "little" reference in the title of this post does not refer to Steve Jobs in anyway. He left a huge legacy that will forever change the way we interact with each other and the rest of the world. I don't know how many of us will be able to leave such a large legacy. And that's OK, because I don't think that is the point.

When thinking about our Mission in life, we often feel that we have to do something big in order for it to be meaningful. You'll remember my prior post about Career Advancement Option #3 which allows you to Drive with Purpose: find a career that is meaningful and make changes as needed to fit your changing personal, professional, and spiritual goals in life. I also discussed A Hierarchy of Career Fulfillment that helps us to see if our career is meeting our needs.

One of the questions from that Hierarchy related to changing the world for the better. It's easy to get stuck on this question. Sometimes I look at what I do and wonder if it is making a difference. Does making a Web site for a nonprofit or small business really help anyone in the grand scheme of things? What I've realized is that we are here to serve others in some way and the work we do can make a difference even if it is in a small way. So much of the work that my company does involves creating the behind-the-scenes infrastructure that helps our wonderful clients do their work.

Here are just a few of the items from my list over the years:

  • Connecting individuals to locations where they can donate goods for cancer patients
  • Providing access to downloadable voter resources to promote democracy in underserved populations
  • Creating a hub for disabled workers to find work and support
  • Showcasing events and resources for healthcare professionals working in developing countries
  • Helping low-income parents find clothing for their children

When I look at it this way it brings a tear to my eye and gives me a renewed passion for my work. Sure, I'm not saving lives or winning Nobel Prizes, but my work is helping someone somewhere every minute of everyday. And that's enough for me.

Thanks to Steve Jobs for inspiring an industry and multiple generations of individuals and businesses!