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Can You Handle the Seasons of Your Professional Life?

I recently re-discovered the song "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac. Although this song is about personal relationships, there's one line that resonates with me because it also can relate to our careers: "Can I handle the seasons of my life?".

Our professional lives go through seasons that don't necessarily correlate with seasons of the year. Unfortunately, we often get fixated on the sexy side of Spring and Summer and dread the slower times of Fall and Winter. Can you handle those slower seasons of your professional life?

I was recently chatting with a friend about her business. She mentioned that she was really busy now after somewhat of a dryspell. I mentioned that there is a feast or famine side to being in business for yourself and that the famine part is no fun.

It's true. I am guilty of feeling that way as well sometimes.

What I've found, though, is that we couldn't survive if we were always in Spring and Summer mode. We would be constantly growing. We would continue to take on new work and new challenges. But, we would never take a minute to nurture and nourish ourselves. We would never get rid of the things that are no longer working for us. We would never use up the resources that we have on hand because we would be focused on finding new ones.

As we get ready for Thanksgiving in the U.S., I'm taking this time to be thankful for all the seasons of my personal and professional life. Some seem dark and depressing. And others are bright and fun. It's not always sunshine and roses because it's not supposed to be. All of them serve a purpose and move us forward even when it feels like we're moving backwards or standing still.

Have a blessed and joyous Thanksgiving weekend!

About Leila Johnson

Rev. Leila Johnson's book, Driving to Success: Let Your Spirit Take the Wheel, is a spiritual retreat for overachieving entrepreneurs and professionals who want to redefine the answer to "What do you want to be when you grow up?". Leila is President and Co-Owner of Data-Scribe, an information technology systems integration and modernization firm providing services to businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. As part of her journey on the road of life, Leila has earned her Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and in the Metaphysical Sciences. She also holds her Master of Divinity and is an ordained reverend. Prior to starting her business, Leila worked as a call center coach, curriculum developer, and trainer in the financial and insurance industries.
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