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Authenticity in Your Journey

I just looked back on my last post and can't believe that it has been almost a year since I felt inspired enough to write something on my blog. Instead of beating myself up about it, I realize that it is indicative of who I am and what I am all about.

Yes, there were many times when I had an idea that I wanted to write about, but didn't feel a strong reason to do so. This past year has allowed me to experience so much growth on a personal and professional level. If I had written something, I think I felt that it would have been forced. After all, how could I comfortably sit here giving advice about travelling an authentic journey when I wasn't feeling that I was doing the same.


Think People Don’t Care What CEOs Do?

Since my business is focused on Web design and development, I have seen a barrage of posts about the recent GoDaddy CEO elephant hunting video. For those that don't know, GoDaddy is well-known for their risque commercials to help promote, of all things, Web site hosting. They are also a VERY popular provider of many services related to the Web.

I have to admit that I do see both sides of the story. He was participating in the hunt as a part of a normal ritual to get rid of problem elephants and provide food for others. However, the video was quite graphic and involved hunting an endangered animal that many of us don't think of as a choice for providing sustenance. I'm not here to judge either side's motives.

Instead, I wanted to focus on the underlying message. PETA is encouraging people to move their Web sites away from GoDaddy. And Change.org has a petition that has been signed by over 3,500 people at the time of this blog post. There are many companies offering discounts and specials to GoDaddy customers that want to move their accounts. (Full disclosure: My company also jumped on the bandwagon with an offer to donate some of our hosting fees to PETA.)

I found these "urgings to move" to be interesting for several reasons:

  • CEOs that are well-known (almost celebrities) will be under more scrutiny when it comes to their personal lives.
  • Things that business owners do that are unrelated to their business have an effect on what their customers think of their business.
  • Even though we may not word it this way, we do care about the Spirit of the company and that of the person who is running it.

Bottom line, as business owners we all have to be on our p's and q's. The Internet makes it easy for people to watch your every move. My Spirit Driving Institute blog provides an outlet for me to voice my opinions on issues like this. I know how important it is to act with integrity because I never know who is watching. The same is true for my primary business.

What do you think? How much does a CEO's personal actions weigh on your opinion of the company?


Putting the Puzzle of Your Life Together

I watched Jane Fonda on Oprah and enjoyed what she had to say about her childhood, growing up, and becoming whole. It sounds cliche, but so much of how you look at your life now depends on your childhood. Those that are most successful decide not to be put in shackles if they had a less than wonderful childhood or, as Jane Fonda put it, had parents who didn't "show up".

Jane Fonda mentioned doing a life review so that you can put the "puzzle of your life together". It's a symbolic activity that will help you to put everything in its place and figure out why you are who you are. In other words, it's a way to get a complete picture of your Personality.

Fonda went a step further and interviewed those who were key players in her younger years. Keep in mind that this isn't about pointing fingers to place blame. And it's not about trying to find all the things that you want to change about yourself. It's an activity to help you feel whole and content with who you are so that you can move forward to more success.

I chose to use my book as my life review (at least of the first ~30 years). It was a cathartic way of putting the puzzle of my life together. I talk about my successes and struggles as a person, in school, on the job, in my business, with family, and with friends. It hasn't been a perfect life and, honestly, it shouldn't be. Also, it hasn't been easy, and it shouldn't be. Every part of it has shaped my Personality and helped me to become the success that I am today.

And a final thought on success. You'll hear me use that word a lot on my blog and, of course, in my book. When I speak of success, I want you to know that it doesn't come from a place of arrogance and it isn't all about money and advancement. It is more so about a feeling of contentment. The definition of success will be different for everyone.

Have you completed a life review? How did it feel? How has it helped you to define who you are now?


Spirtual Advice from The Situation?

I know. I'm always finding spiritual messages in the most unlikely places. NOTE: I have never watched Jersey Shore, so my only reference is what I've seen on tabloid shows. :)

Last night, I was watching Dancing with the Stars. The Situation was voted off. During the closing interview, Tom Bergeron admitted that he has become addicted to Jersey Shore. He also noted that he was surprised by how different The Situation acted on Dancing with the Stars. Then, The Situation mentioned that what people see on Jersey Shore is a character and that the audience is just looking through a keyhole to see what he's really like. He also said that he wanted to do this show to let people know that there are other sides to him. (I'm a paraphrasing here).

I tend to have the same philosophy. We all have different "characters" that we play in specific situations (pardon the pun). Think about it. Are you the same exact person around your parents, spouse, kids, co-workers, and friends? Probably not. Depending on who I'm around, they might describe me as a writer, an analyst, sarcastic, a jokester, silly, a dancer, an aspiring chef, spiritual, or a techie. When you look at these traits together, it might seem like they couldn't be speaking on the same person.

There are parts of your Personality that always shine through no matter who you're with. But then there are other parts that you only show at the appropriate times. If you've ever had someone say, "That's so unlike you", this proves that there are some parts of your Personality that you're holding back around certain people.

Does this mean that you're being a phony? Not necessarily. There are times when people will put on an act and pretend to be someone that they are not. I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about people who communicate with their Spirit and are confident in themselves. They aren't denying parts of their Personality. Instead, they know when there are around others whose energy will resonate with theirs. They know that the other person will appreciate this part of their Personality. In my book, I refer to this phenomenon as "The Complete You". The Personality is like a diamond in the rough that has many facets. Depending on a person's relationship with you, they can turn the diamond to expose other facets.

So, the next time you're thinking about how to present yourself in a certain situation, think of The Situation's take on his Personality. (I couldn't resist!)

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