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Everybody’s talking, but is anyone listening?

You may have been wondering why I haven't been communicating as much through my usual channels lately (Twitter, Facebook, blog, newsletter, etc.). Maybe it's the introspective feeling that seems to accompany the Winter season. Or maybe it's something deeper.

You'll remember last month that I did some rebranding of my message and my site. In January, I started promoting my new classes through my usual channels. Somehow, something just didn't feel quite right, yet. I began to get weary of what was becoming the usual grind of social media and other content updates. It led me to have a conversation with my husband/business partner about this whole marketing process. I boiled it down to the title of this post: "Everybody's talking, but is anyone listening?"

As a society we tend to get bombarded with information and don't ever get away from it. I am a techie and completely understand being connected to some device for a large part of my day. Unfortunately, I don't think we unwind enough.

I subscribe to only about 10 e-mail newsletters of interest to my work through Spirit Driving Institute and sometimes that feels like too much. I began to read these newsletters with a different point of view. How many blogs, radio shows, newsletters, marketing opportunities, etc. do we need? And if everyone is trying so hard to be seen, get known, and deliver their message, who's left to read it?

Also, each time I would come back to my blog last month to write something new, I encountered a bunch of comments waiting for my approval. They weren't real responses, mind you. Just spam messages from people trying to ride the traffic wave from my site so that they could get a linkback.

So, there I was thinking about all of this during the time when I usually send out my newsletter. I was in the midst of feeling like I was contributing to the information overload for folks. One word kept resonating with me - SIMPLIFY. It's a great word that can apply to so many areas of life and business.

While I don't have the perfect solution to this yet, I have made a vow to myself. Instead of writing for the sake of writing or promoting myself for the sake of promoting, I am only going to do it when I feel moved to do so. I refuse to promote things out of obligation or just because everyone else is doing it that way.

Instead, I'm just going to have fun and find different ways to get out there that feel right to me. If you don't see as much from me, don't worry, I haven't disappeared. I'm just taking a breather and re-energizing to share something meaningful.

Until the next time. :)

About Leila Johnson

Rev. Leila Johnson's book, Driving to Success: Let Your Spirit Take the Wheel, is a spiritual retreat for overachieving entrepreneurs and professionals who want to redefine the answer to "What do you want to be when you grow up?". Leila is President and Co-Owner of Data-Scribe, an information technology systems integration and modernization firm providing services to businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. As part of her journey on the road of life, Leila has earned her Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and in the Metaphysical Sciences. She also holds her Master of Divinity and is an ordained reverend. Prior to starting her business, Leila worked as a call center coach, curriculum developer, and trainer in the financial and insurance industries.