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Interview on LadyPreneur International

I had a wonderful time talking with Monique Hunt (Dr. Nique), founder of Ladypreneur International last week. She was gracious enough to do a profile about me and my book, Driving to Success: Let Your Spirit Take the Wheel.

In my Next Top Spiritual Author book pitch, I mention a colleague who said that my book concept could take off like the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Dr. Nique is that colleague. She and I talked for a little over an hour. It went so quickly since the discussion was lively, on point, and in Spirit.

I encourage my readers to check out the Ladypreneur International Web site. You can join the site for free and network with other like-minded female entrepreneurs.

NOTE: I am not being compensated for this. I just support Dr. Nique's mission and her passion for bringing spiritually-conscious, female entrepreneurs together.


Upcoming Interview on Ladypreneur International

Today I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by Dr. Monique Hunt, the founder of Ladypreneur International. We had a wonderful discussion about spirituality, entrepreneurship, and following your heart. Dr. Nique is creating a global community (online and off) of female entrepreneurs that integrate spirituality into their business.

During the interview, we talked about the types of people that are doing this in their daily life. I observed how some folks feel like spirituality is too "froo-froo" to discuss in the workplace. Some feel like it's just for creatives who are already doing spiritual work. It might not seem bizarre for an artist or singer or masseuse to talk about spirituality. But, what about someone like me, a techie? Some folks feel like left-brained careers just don't "go" with spirituality.

Dr. Nique noticed that real estate agents, business consultants, and lawyers are seeking her out because they want to get in touch with their larger purpose and express it through their business. It's great that people are becoming more comfortable discussing spirituality.

There's nothing strange about wanting to be more spiritual. It's not just reserved for those in right-brained professions. As we evolve and grow, we begin to see ourselves as a whole being and not just the "work me" and "home me".

I'm glad to be involved in a community that is focused on the entrepreneurial spirituality movement. Stay tuned for my detailed interview on Ladypreneur International in the next couple weeks.