Spirit Driving Institute Leila Johnson – Transformation Teacher


The Spiritual Entrepreneur’s Dilemma: Firing Clients

As an business owner, you have met many different types of people, from co-workers to clients. Some you get along with and some you don't. If a co-worker isn't meeting expectations, it's perfectly acceptable to give them warnings, give them a chance to redeem themselves, and ultimately fire them. But how do you deal with firing clients if that opportunity presents itself?

There are many posts out there on how to move on when you no longer want to work with a client. And there are many reasons to do so: slow payers, verbally abusive, don't appreciate your work, micro-managers, etc. The problem becomes more complex if you consider yourself a spiritual person. How do you stop working with someone when you're worried about how the Universe will treat your decision?

After communicating with your Spirit, you will discover whether you are simply trying to avoid a necessary challenge or experience. Sometimes we have to deal with someone we don't like in order to make us stronger. Your Personality doesn't particularly like growth. It would prefer to just react to a situation and not worry about the consequences.

If after looking at the situation with a clear mind, you may find that you really do need to get rid of a client. Do so in an honest, yet tactful way. E-mail, phone, or letter is fine. (Remember that anything you write could end up someone's blog, Facebook, or Twitter someday!)

Don't dwell on the decision after the fact. We tend to replay it over and over in our heads and try to figure out ways we could have said it better. Also, don't be petty and talk about every single thing that you didn't like about the person or relationship. Instead, just move on and focus on bigger and better things. If you come from a spiritual place, you shouldn't have to worry about Universal retribution (or karma, as some folks call it).

Also, you might be worried about where your next client, and therefore your income, is going to come from. It might be scary to consider losing that income (trust me, we've ALL been there). But it is worth it if the relationship isn't serving you well. Remember the Law of Abundance is always in play.